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Quilted Northern Coupons

Quilted Northern is the only premium brand toilet paper with three awesome layers! These layers really hold up to give you a truly gentle clean that carries on the tradition of silky comfort that makes Quilted Northern so wonderfully unique.

Rest assured that Quilted Northern is 100% biodegradable (great for septic tanks). Quilted Northern has 3 Plies and is available in 12 Double, 36 Double and 48 Double pack sizes.

Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Reviews

Quilted Northern has 74% 5 star ratings with and 86% 4 star ratings and above. Nearly 4,000 total reviews starting with…

I have used a wide range of bath tissues and mostly price was the main driving factor and therefore I have seen the lowest end (quality wise) ones as well. This is not the best ever I have used but , for sure, not a bad one as well.

If you are using a bad quality bath tissue routinely, they treat your body as sand paper and result in pain and small bleeding sooner or later. After using this item for over a year now on daily basis, I have experienced neither… So this is pretty good quality and therefore an excellent value for price.

Wow. Bleeding because of sand paper? Ouch! Quilted Northern could save your life!

But, others didn’t have quite the accolades…

Quilted’s idea of a double roll is barely half as big as a double roll of Angel Soft. Yes, it is thicker, which makes it softer to the touch, but it takes the same amount per use and so lasts half as long. Overall this is not a good value and i would never buy it again.

Again, it’s always best to read more than one review. And well, people can be very picky. So, pick your paper and stick with it!

Other Fun Stuff About Quilted Northern TP

  • Is it enough to cover your neighbor’s house?
    • YES! In fact I can cover two of my neighbors houses as they are fairly small.
  • Is it worth the savings to buy used?
    • Yes! Just make sure each sheet has been thoroughly cleaned, dried AND ironed because any fold, bend or wrinkle can cause discomfort during use. Hope that helps!
  • What does this product do?
    • Does doo-doo dismissal during dethroning.

Where do they get these people anyway? Ha!

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