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Charmin toilet paper coupons can be extremely valuable every time you take a trip to the store. By printing the coupons online you’re not only saving money, but also time. Charmin is one of the biggest manufacturers of toilet paper in the U.S. and because they have such brand loyal customers they’re able to pass the savings via coupons to anyone looking in the right places.

Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper gives you and your family more softness and 75% more absorbency while still letting you use up to 4X less than the leading bargain brand. For more than 70 years, Charmin has been a reliable bath tissue, trusted in millions of Americans’ homes.

Remember these commercials?

Printable coupons are becoming more and more popular these days with the rise of internet technologies and customer awareness. Charmin has taken advantage of this fact and now offers 2015 printable toilet paper coupons on the web as well as in store circulars and newspaper clippings. Just print out the Charmin toilet paper coupons on this page and you’ll be headed toward instant savings.

Charmin Coupons

Here’s a link to Charmin coupons through P&G.

Charmin Toilet Paper Reviews

Charmin Ultra soft helps you have it all without having to use too much. Charmin Ultra Soft is soft and absorbent because it has absorbent cushions (like little air bags) so you can get more out of less.

One very happy Charmin user said…

Growing up, I was used to the thin sandpaper bath tissue. You know, the kind that requires an entire roll before you feel as though you’ve sufficiently wiped and subsequently causes your bum to hurt afterward? So when I first tried Charmin Ultra Soft, I couldn’t believe it. To be honest, I had no idea that toilet paper could be so soft. I was halfway tempted to use the bath tissue to stuff a headboard I was making. So soft. So cuddly. Toilet paper? Wow.

Now that, my friends, is a satisfied customer. You can also read more reviews here.

On the other hand, this grumpy pants said…

You can no longer use less because there is actually less tissue on the roll due to the “narrow-ness” of the new rolls. They are a full 1/4 inch less in width!! If the company was looking to keep cost down, don’t bother! Those of us who WERE faithful customers would have been willing to pay a little more to keep the width the same! Besides, it looks silly sitting on the roller!

Because I always make sure my toilet paper looks good on the roller. You know, just in case Martha Stewart stops by.

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