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Angel Soft toilet paper feels exactly like it sounds. The light, fluffy blend of cotton makes for an enjoyable experience when using the bathroom. Combine that with their low prices and high quality products and you’ve got a favorite of American consumers.

The Angel Soft 2-ply toilet paper combines a double layer of softness and protection and the best part is the cost-saving packaging that they use. Angel Soft’s logo depicting a baby on a cloud perfectly portrays the feeling of using their amazing—almost magical—goodness.

Angel Soft Coupons

Angel Soft is incredibly affordable, but you can save even more by downloading their printable coupons. Simply print the coupon, then redeem it during your next visit to the supermarket. It’s that easy.

Compare Angel Soft Toilet Paper Products

48 Double Rolls 18 Double Rolls 24 Regular Rolls 8 Triple Rolls
  • 48 Double Rolls = 96 Regular RollsJ
  • 2-ply with SoftShield Layers
  • 264 sheets per roll
  • Packaged in an easy-to-open box
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • 18 Double Rolls = 36 Regular Rolls
  • 2-ply with SoftShield Layers
  • 264 sheets per roll
  • Flushable, septic-safe
  • Unscented
  • 24 Regular Rolls
  • 2-ply with SoftShield Layers
  • 132 sheets per roll
  • Flushable, septic-safe
  • Unscented
  • 8 Triple Rolls = 24 Regular Rolls
  • 2-ply with SoftShield Layers
  • 396 sheets per roll
  • Flushable, septic-safe
  • Unscented

Top Reviews

One reviewer says…

I like this brand of bath tissue, because it’s actually stronger and less soft than the name would imply. I don’t like super soft paper such as Charmin Ultra as it falls apart and sticks easily.

We’re in complete agreement on the whole “falls apart” issue. However, if I had to choose, I would choose the softer paper. Toilet paper disguised as a sheet of sanding paper is not my idea of bathroom fun.

And here’s another reviewer who isn’t quite satisfied…

At one time, Angel Soft was good paper at a low price. Corporate mentality has now taken over. Having narrowed the roll to ribbon-like proportions, the company seems to have decided further narrowing should be put off while it concentrates on thinning the paper to near-transparency. The experience now rivals that of a subway lavatory or a national park outhouse. I, for one, have abandoned the brand.

Well now, tell us how you really feel. Maybe you can contact Angel Soft directly?

Either way, it might be worth reading a variety of reviews. Even if it’s for entertainment purposes.

Interesting Facts about Angel Soft

  • A regular roll is approximately 16.7 square feet. A double roll is, well, double at about 33.3 square feet
  • Toilet paper, besides the obvious, can be used to wipe off makeup, stop a bleeding nose, and plug a leaky drain
  • Doesn’t leave lint or traces of the “fabric”. However, it will stick to whiskers if you wipe your man’s face
  • Individual rollsĀ are about 4.75 by 4.25 inches wide – a little thicker than normal rolls. The rolls don’t get stuck on my dispenser but they don’t have much room either.

Toilet Tissue in History

  • Rome – Public toilets had a stick with a sponge attached to its end that soaked in a bucket of brine so citizens could have a tool to freshen up with. Yum!
  • China – Began producing 720,000 sheets of toilet paper per year. Each sheet measured an astonishing two feet by three feet!
  • The Vikings – These brutes would freshen up with discarded sheep wool
  • Middle Ages- The French invented the bidet!
  • 1700s – Colonial Americans used corncobs to cleanse with. Wowza!
  • 1880 – The first paper produced for freshening up with was in England
  • 1902 – Northern Paper Mills introduces Northern Tissue, made at the Green Bay East Mill in Wisconsin.
  • 1920s – TP was introduced on a roll.
  • 1973 – Did you know there was a shortage after a popular evening talk show host made a joke that there was an acute shortage of toilet paper in the United States?
  • Angel soft not giving you a good vibe? Check out our Charmin Coupons.