Save Money with Toilet Paper Coupons!


Toilet paper is one of those items in your household that you have to constantly replenish. Your options are limited in what else you can use to wipe your behind so it’s pretty essential that you go out and purchase a few more rolls of toilet paper right away. With large families this can be a huge expense which is why we’ve dedicated this site to helping you find free toilet paper coupons online.

Toilet paper brands like Cottonelle, Charmin, Scott, Quilted Northern, Bounty, Angel Soft and others offer coupons consistently through print ads and local grocery store circulars. But what if you don’t have time to scan the newspapers or drop by the store for the latest deals? That’s where we come in. As the digital age solidifies itself into human culture printable coupons become more and more important, especially in 2015. We’ve done all the hard work for you and have dug up some of the best toilet paper coupon deals on the internet. By using these printable toilet paper coupons you can save time and money from the comfort of your home.

Toilet Paper Coupons

Speaking of comfort, it’s essential to know which toilet paper brands give you the most satisfying wipe. We’ve heard from all our toilet paper sources (they are vast and numerous) that Cottonelle toilet paper consistently out performs Charmin and Quilted Northern, but not by much. Charmin toilet paper coupons for soft, 2-ply toilet paper are available in abundance, but their online printable toilet paper coupons are in shorter supply. Quilted Northern also has a great selection of toilet paper coupons that have some of the top savings around.

From our experience people are always looking to save money on toilet paper. The great thing about online printable toilet paper coupons is that once you run out you can just print some more and start the savings all over again.

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4 Steps to Saving with TP Coupons

  1. Know Where to Find Coupons – Here, of course! Sunday newspapers are probably the most popular followed by Wednesday. Always be on the lookout in your favorite magazines as well.

  2. Know When to Use Coupons – Waiting to use your coupons when the items go on sale is the secret to saving the most money.  Don’t waste your coupons on full price items. Sales on products usually run in cycles of about 8-12 weeks.  Also, sales follow cycles of holidays and events throughout the year.

  3. Know How to Use Coupons – Does the store double coupons?  If so, does a $0.50 coupon double up to $1?  Does a $0.75 double up to $1.50?  Is there a limit to the amount of coupons that double? Make sure to ask the store if they allow you to use a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon.  This is called stacking coupons. Does your store accept competitor coupons?  Make sure to ask.  If they do, it’s even more of a savings opportunity.

  4. Stock Up – Stocking up on sale items is a very important part of getting the most savings at the grocery store.  It gives you control of what you are paying instead of the store having control of your prices. And since toilet paper is a necessity (unless you’re a bear), then this is one item you should always stock up on!